This kind of photograhy is very hard, expensive from a certain high-class requirement, Is time consuming and requires a high degree of information or  knowledge what one wins only very slowly. It also is worth here the rule:
Learning by experience and practise.
But is over and over again a big joy if one a newly-wed work on the monitor can marvel at and to itself above all with the astronomy also on days occupy where it is not possible for weather-conditioned.
Moreover, the learning curve which one can develop thanks to the astroforums on and on rises with every new picture. These are already very astonishingly how many doors in last decade for the amateurs have opened and to which means one can reach meanwhile without ruining himself, besides, financially.
I personally to this hobby because it to me makes remaining impressions on a chip to collect and to be able to look at details, besides, still which I cannot grasp purely visually with the eye and the mind. And one can shine the treasures up there for a certain time stick.


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