From the beginning up to the end. It was for a long time a dream of me to own a small observatory. So after a long planning, in march 2011 i  taken in hand the paddle....... and  soon was ready at last. Besides, my father has supported  and consulltid me vigorously. All together 14 cubic meter material were dug up and afterwards filled in with more than 10 cubic meter concrete. They were the most expensive in the whole construction props and rails galvanise. Of course the concrete delivery and 2 bricklayers also counted, but to all in all it has been worthwhile more than.



The complete Observatory stands on 15-cm-thick ferro-concrete. 2.20 m x 2.20 m and the wall strength 2-4 cm and the inner walls amount to the inside mass again with 8 cm of striving were strengthened and also the roof structure with such braces is built. The rails and the rolling surfaces as well as props are of galvanised iron, 4 roles have a diameter of 9 cm. The whole complex is extremely stable and Watertight. The column is 40 cm in the concrete has anchored a rest height of 120 cm, and is not connected with the vantage point. The mount is very poor in oscillation therefore and carries the weight of the whole equipment without problems. In the vantage point there are Internet, Pc, alarm, supervision cameras; what allows therefore a Remot control to me.

Meanwhile the column was anew put on, because the height and above all the stability were not sufficient for me any more. Now with a foundation of 1 x 1 x 1.2 metres, a pipe PVC of 300 mm of diameter and 2-metre length the equipment stands on extremely massive subsoil. Also the adaptor with about 1-metre length and 29.8 cm of diameter with 5 x m20 thread poles and pure Inox has succeeded very solidly. Now the whole cables lies in and under the mount and everything is not there where it interferes. The roof can be opened also with an engine and I can steer the complete vantage point from a sofa at all.











Gso-RC-12"   10 Micron gm 2000qci  TS-apo-90/600   Atik 383lc+

Gso-RC-12"   10 Micron gm 2000qci  TS-apo-90/600   Atik 383lc+

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